“I’ve written some poetry I don’t understand myself.” -Carl Sandburg


Through its depths, my soul is seen.

Within its chambers, all secrets hidden.

That which I love…

I hate…

I cherish…

Emotions come and go as the tide.

Feelings of hope and of despair,

of courage, of fear,

humility and pride.



B-roken hearted, i lay in my bed
R-emembering all the things you and i have said
O-pening my eyes, i let the tears fall
K-nowing ill never again here you call
E-verything reminds me of you, my dear friend
N-othing but God can help my heart mend


little streams all coming together

just flowing down the bends

on this strange journey called life

only knowing where it ends


Sometimes I wonder,
If there’s something I’v done

Something so horrible,
That made you turn and run.

Everything’s changed now,
Regret in my heart

Something I did to pull us apart.


Rain falling to the ground.

Tears streaming down her face.

She watched as puddles of red formed around her.

Glass shattered. Heart pounding. Blood dripping. Mind racing.

Everything … gone.


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