dry, red day

were all the pieces now falling together
as the walls crumbled and fell apart

she was there
as if pulled from a magazine or runway
tall, long legs. skinny.
perfect … if you define beauty that way

he was there also
perfect by no one’s definition
but kind, very kind
if you like that sorta thing

my lips are chapped
I do hate when my lips are chapped
its distracting my train of thought
so many people and voices

if I’m being honest
there wasn’t ever really a train
more like cars flying down a highway
always different colors
sometimes small and blue
like tears falling
falling … ah yes the walls

the walls were crumbling and falling apart
red. red were the cars that day
a few black ones here and there
blue would come … but its not time for that yet

red. red like the blood from the cut
of my dried lips … dry
all the energy soaked up and spit away

it was a dry, red day


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