Questions racing their eyes

“Are you a girl or a boy?”

I stared at this little boy

His face so curious like the little girl weeks ago

“Im.. a girl”

Why did i hesitate?

So much going through my mind

“No youre a boy!”

He seemed excited now

“Its ’cause of my hair, huh? It looks the same as a boy?”

His gaze didnt waver

So many questions i could see racing behind those eyes

If only he knew all the questions behind mine

“Baylee is a girl, Roman. Not a boy. Sometimes girls have short hair and sometimes boys have long hair…”

I dont know if the teacher continued after that

I felt lost in space

Everything fast around me slowed into a blur..

Distracted the rest of the day, i longed to have someone to talk to

Seeing the same teacher severals times i wanted to say

“Its not the first time. Iv been asked before.”

Wanting and longing to start a conversation in hope that someone would care to listen and try and understand what my mind cant grasp

But alas

I cant

Not here

Not with them

This is work. I have to be my job here. There isnt room for conversations like those… but how do i respond? 

So many children growing up in a complex world

How do we respond?