I wish i could just be mad at you, itd make it so much easier… But the only person i have to be mad at is myself, for letting myself fall for you…

I hope you dont lead on this girl. I hope she knows you dont want any long term committments. I just dont want to see her get caught up in your charm and get hurt. 

I dont want her to hear your warnings and keep moving forward anyway because she also sees the way maybe you do want to be there….because in the end you didnt. 

You fight back and forth wanting and not wanting but in the end you dont. In the end you walk away saying “i told you so, you should have listened”.

Its crazy thinking i held on and chased after you for so long… i should have let you go…

We should have just been friends… I think it would have been better, in the end… 


Altho i still havnt decided whether or not i regret it… There is so much good that came out of it all. I see why God kept us together for the time He did. Just sad He had to teach us things that way… But i know every experience prepares me for the next. 

Next time ill listen.


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