Round and round it plays in my head…

All day iv been replaying in my head the words you said, you thinking it was the same with her. I knew the moment i saw you… it wasnt the same with her. It makes me laugh. Thinking you thought i felt that when i met her. Its never been like that with anyone iv ever met. 

I sat staring at the wall trying to think of another person in my life that in the moment i met them something inside of me…i dont even know how to explain it haha

I think thats what kept me going all that time, chasing after you each time you ran away. 

Even the way my mom talks about you… its crazy cuz my moms really intuitive and usually right about everything. Especially relationships. Anyone else and i swear she would be telling me to learn from it all and move on but not with you. 

“If its meant to be, God will make it happen.” Those words ring through my head. She talks about you like we’re still together or we will be again.

Iv lost hope in that ever happening. 

I have to right?

Since i met you youv told me to move on and be with someone else… it all makes me wonder how i held on for so long haha

And then i remember that day i met you… i remember conversations and moments over the 6 months after that make me wonder how i could ever let go… 

I wish i could read what you wrote. It killed me writing about you and then going on your page and reading about her. I didnt know how to process any of it. Mad and sad and confused and so many questions usually leading to tears and then, for some reason, id go back another day to see what else youd written. Lol always regretted that…


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