Looking back through old notes…

“I love that 4am seems to be a regular bedtime for us, I lose track of time when I’m with you because I want to hear about everything that makes you, you. I never get bored talking to you, I mean how could I? Your mind never stops and you’ll always be an unsolved mystery. A mystery like all of the puzzles you play. It’s fascinating the way pieces captivate your mind so deeply you forget what’s going on around you. I like that you let my fingertips run through your hair and up and down your spine. I think it’s cute when you get protective over me without realizing you’re doing it until after the fact. I like the way you tease me because I get to the the sly grin that’s painted so delicately across your face. I love that you ask me deep questions and challenge my faith. I especially love that part of you. The part that makes me want to stay; that makes me forget about wanting to be with you. This is the part of you I crave to know the most, what drives you and pushes you. People are beautiful when they’re passionate about something, and the way you’re eyes sparkle when you’re digging through the bible as if you’re a kid discovering buried treasure makes me smile. I like that you’re never satisfied, that you’re always thirsting for more. More knowledge, more of God, more adventure, more everything. I love that you’re almost as weird and goofy as me, and I guess that’s why I want to stick around. All of those pieces I’ve already uncovered make me want to know what the universe in your mind looks like. I wish I could travel there, see things the way you do. But I love the way you tell me it, I love the way you think you don’t make sense and that your words never come out quite right. I like your quirks, your childish heart and genuineness.”

-words you sent way back when


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