Sometimes I wish…

Sometimes I wish there was a pill…
or a drink…
or something I could smoke…
to just make it go away.

I know that’s not the right answer though…
But what exactly is?

How connected are the spiritual and the physical?
Should prayer fix everything?

The need…the want for an immediate fix
permanent fix?
is that even possible with this kind of problem?

I wish I understood it all better.
I wish I understood a lot of things better…

Writing helps…yeah…
but I need to be getting things done.

Maybe writing, a temporary fix, is necessary to get anything done sometimes.

A pill…drink…smoke…
It’ll just make things worse, right?

Interesting, isn’t it?
We want more control over circumstances,
irritated, anxious, depressed where we are…

So what do we do?
We completely surrender control of our bodies to substances we, most likely, don’t understand the consequences of.


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