Foundations and Relationships

If the foundation of your relationship isn’t something eternal, than it is not going to last through the crashing of waves and the storms. If the foundation of your relationship is not Christ and the Gospel, it is not going to last. People are flawed and going to mess up. They are going to lie and cheat and steal and complain and sin in someway against you. If you being a part of a relationship is foundational on the fact that they haven’t screwed up yet than you’re screwed cause the day is going to come when they have messed up and they are going to come to you admitting they have messed up.

What are you going to do?

Are you going to push them away and say that the foundation and relationship is gone and has failed?

What the hell was that foundation if it crumbled so easily?

CHRIST is my foundation, my strength, my shield and I can tell you this: My foundation will NEVER crumble. 

No relationship I ever have that has its foundation built by Christ will ever fall.

When people come to you and they have messed up, its hard and it hurts. I know that. But this is an opportunity God has given you to LOVE them! Show them the love of Christ and through that show the world the truth of the Gospel! I want to encourage you all to encourage one another in trials and struggles. Love one another as Christ has loved us! And remember that He is the only solid foundation.


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