The Textbook of Life

Going to a Christian jr. high and high school, the Bible became like a textbook to me. I never understood the importance of reading the Bible outside of school until someone asked me how often I read the Bible and ,after I told them that I read pretty much every day, they asked again, “How often do you read the Bible outside of school?”. This question hit me and woke me up.

It was interesting because from then on I wanted to make sure I was living in a way where the Bible wasn’t like a textbook. I didn’t want the classroom to be the only place that I was reading the word. I didn’t want homework to be the only reason I was studying it.

But the Lord helped me realize something the other day – The Bible is our textbook. Not for a class, though. The Bible is our textbook for life.

In the same way that I study from my math textbook for a math test, I need to be studying the Book of Life for tests that come up in life.


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