Bookstore Grace for the Homosexual

So thankful for this

40 Year Wanderer

I’m used to walking alone. I’ve always been an outsider. For as long as I can remember, literally, I’ve been the invisible one, the one that the crowd didn’t notice. Funny thing is certain people in the crowd were drawn to me … like a magnet … made of old soul love.

It’s been Him. It’s always been Him. He’s guided me through that crowd to the ones I was meant to touch and be touched by. It’s always been Jesus.

I’m the one that strangers strike up conversations with; and I’m talking light hearted ones and deep, life altering ones. I’ve always joked “There’s a sign on my forehead that reads ‘Talk to me. I’ll listen.’” But after years ~ no, decades ~ of that I started to realize what a gift He had given me. I’ve said many times that I was born with a mouth ~…

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