English Class

1. To what extent do you believe you were able to integrate your faith and your learning in this class? How and how not?

Whether or not we were on the topic of faith or religion, we were able to learn how to think well through ideas and issues in class and then carry those skills over to other classes. As far as being in class, some of our conversations did end up coming back to faith and religion and connections were made between those and our topic at the time. The best example of this was when we were discussing the influence of culture and society and it brought us to think of how we, as Christians, need to be aware of the influence those things have on us. 

2. How have you developed as a critical thinker and writer this semester? Name a few specific examples.

As stated before, the skills I have acquired in this class have been helpful in other classes. I have learned how to not only think through the answers to tough questions, but I have also learned how to ask tough questions. I have realized that we should not fear asking hard questions out of a fear of not finding an answer. Rather, whether or not we are able to find an answer, we should cherish the experience of searching for answers. Sometimes it is during that journey that we learn much more than we could from simply being given the answer to our questions. It also shows us other questions that may be more important to find answers to.

3. How have you developed as a person throughout this semester?

God has been teaching me so much this semester. I have been challenged as far as not having the answers to everyones’ questions. I’v learned that as long as we have faith to hold us up when we can’t find answers or reasons, then we’ll be alright. We have to truth the Lord when we don’t understand.

4. If you were to write the single biggest lesson you learned from this class, what would you say?

The biggest lesson I think I have learned from this class is that it is important to learn how to think well and not be afraid to sound stupid. If we stay quite and never voice our thoughts or opinions, it hinders our ability to learn and speak well.


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