There is a sense in which everyone lives in a way that fears death. People use different products and techniques to avoid the appearance of aging. They workout and eat well to keep their bodies working well as they age. All of these things done to create an appearance of, in a sense, control over death. If you take care of yourself well enough then you will live longer. People become so convinced that they are going to continue living that they then become obsessed with the future and planning out their lives. I think that this reaction is out of fear of death still. In a way it is people convincing themselves that they are going to continue living, as if having a plan for the future makes certain that there will be a future for them.

I am so tankful that I do not have to fear death. I can go through life planning wisely, not out of fear, but out of trust in the Lord. If He gives me another day to live, I will be ready. If He ends my life today, I hope that today was glorifying to Him. In the words of Paul, “To live is Christ and to die is gain.” I hope that every decision I make is in light of that truth and hope in the Lord and that He knows better than I do. It does not mean that I will not take care of myself, but I do it with a different motive. I take care of myself out of a respect for God and an appreciation for the blessing of life He has given. Having hope in the Lord and trusting Him takes away the fear and gives us the motivation to do things out of love for Him.


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