Get right………or get left

montague county moments

   Regardless of religious affiliation ,  civil good-works , or regular attendance at a chosen house of worship , if you have never personally invited Christ into your heart as your savior and mediator with God Almighty , your soul is in grave danger of eternal separation from your Creator. All our righteousness is as filthy rags before a Risen Savior ..

  Righteous works do not produce salvation , quiet the opposite … good works are a product OF salvation , not a means TO salvation…. Hell will be filled with folks of good intentions and earthly good works !

    If man were capable of attaining salvation through his own generosity and compassion , there would be no need for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ ..His death and resurrection are then comparable to your own good works as a means for eternal salvation..Hardly !

  All are lost and undone without Christ…

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