Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

“My problem here is that many times we tell all these girls to “dress modestly! Don’t show too much skin! You don’t want your brothers to sin do you??” I’m here to tell the ‘men’ “Man up. Have the power that God gave you to not let your eyes or mind wander. Love your sisters enough to not objectify their body. Be self disciplined in your thought life.”

Divine Ramblings

I recently read an article about a high school that outlawed leggings and yoga pants. I myself have never worn leggings or yoga pants (You’re welcome for that) but I am told by many young ladies that they are quite comfortable. Sadly, they can also be a visible distraction for many young guys, myself included. They can be very revealing, considering they are skin tight. Some might understand why a high school would ban them, others might say it’s too restricting to ban this form of self expression. I go to a Christian University where some of the girls there also wear them. I honestly believe they aren’t trying to cause their Brothers in Christ to lust or to stumble, they are honestly just wearing whats comfortable. Many things have been written by female friends of mine where the address this issue and tell the women to dress more modestly…

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