Integration (2) – from either/or to both/and

Integration (2) – from either/or to both/and

Love Archibald Hart! Great Christian Psychologist. In his book Counseling the Depressed, that I am currently going through, he has a section titled “The Tension Between Psychological and Spiritual Solutions” (pg.30). I encourage you all to check out his books!

“My plea is for both spiritual and physical forms of healing.”

“The issue for the Christian counselor or psychologist is not whether to use only spiritual or psychological forms of help, but how to use both in an integrated way, probably with a stronger bias towards the spiritual. After all, the ultimate meaning of life can only be determined spiritually.”

“Ignorance hinders the gospel (Eph. 4:18) and a fuller understanding of our human condition drives us to God, not away from him (Hos. 14:9).”


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