Integration – from either/ or to both/and

Integration – from either/ or to both/and

Did God not also give us the resources of psychology to help us? Should we then not also turn to people in time of trouble for help but only God and God alone? Did God not give us people and fellowship to help us as well?

“Most surprising were the so-called Christian psychologists and psychiatrists who testified that the Bible alone is not sufficient to meet people’s deepest personal and emotional needs. These men were arguing before a secular court that God’s Word is not an adequate resource for counseling people about spiritual problems! What is truly appalling is the number of evangelicals who are willing to take the word of such “professionals” on this subject.”

There should not be Psychology OR Theology! God wrote the Word – where Theology comes from – AND He created the world, people, and their minds – where Psychology comes from. INTEGRATION of Psychology and Theology is a NECESSITY within the church. No longer either/or but both/and.


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