I Don’t Want My Friends To Be “Happy”

Be Malleable

I don’t want my friends to be happy.

It’s true.

According to Google, the definition of “happy” is “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.”

On the contrary, I don’t want my Christ-following friends to be content or show pleasure.

Not if that means they’re holding on to what seemingly brings them pleasure only to be content with the life they’re living in sin.

Call me hateful or crazy, but:

want my friend to experience heartbreak if it means she breaks up with a boy who isn’t leading her closer to Christ.

want to hurt my friend’s feelings if it means telling him he treated someone wrongly.

want my friends to give up being “content” living their life watching Gossip Girl on Netflix all day, everyday.

want to make it awkward if it means explaining to my friend how she’s hurt me so I…

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