Why is the mind of the heart so strong?

Life is brilliantly made.

She longed to be loved by someone who was intentional in everything he did.  She longed to have a rock to lean on.  But she was too much of a individualized person for anyone like that to like her. 

She wanted all that in a man but was not willing to change. 
What was it that she was feeling? 
What was it that she needed? 
Why did she not even understand her own self?  Are people of the world made to understand themselves or are we made to long to understand…long to understand ourselves but help others to find themselves? 
When do people actually realize what they are made for? 
Do we realize after our purpose is fulfilled? & if so, we should absorb and enjoy every moment of our lives, realizing that every moment is a moment that could very well be life changing. 

Then there’s another question…are things…

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