Our hearts beat strong.

Waking up in the morning, I was excited to see what the day had for me. The sun was shinning bright, lighting the earth, but its heat was light and comfortable. Everyone in this world that I lived in always woke up looking forward to school or work. We all were able to choose what we wanted to study and where we wanted to work. There was always a teacher there waiting to share their knowledge and always an employer waiting to hire.

Though we would all go home and eventually go to sleep for the night, we were never tired. Our bodies could run on and on without rest. Though we ate, we were never hungry. We could go days and days without food. But we enjoyed resting and eating, and so we would continue doing these things throughout our lives.

In this world I lived in, people would grow older, but their bodies would not break down. Ten or one hundred years old, our hearts would beat strong.


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