I love to go snowboarding. Going snowboarding is so much more than just enjoying boarding itself. It all starts out at home, packing the car or truck full of jackets, gloves, boards and helmets. Long car rides are the best when you’re with people that you love. Crazy music and deep conversation with an occasional joke and some laughs.

Finally when you reach the uphill windy roads, you know you’re close. Coming to the mountain, so much of God’s beauty and glory is revealed. How amazing and creative He is!
When we have unpacked and suited up to face the cold giant ahead, we have the privilege of enjoying the view as we sit and ride to the top.
The top: that is my favorite part of our journey.
To sit and see from such a grand view only a small part in God’s incredible masterpiece. It is then, after all of this, that we strap on our boards and ride down the mountain.
Quick we ride, carving back and forth and jumping now and again. There is a thrill in it all with the wind in your hair and your friends flying past your side. But when we reach the bottom, all I can think about is how excited I am to go again to the top.

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